7 Tips for Keeping Your Curls Fresh and Frizz Free This Summer

Phew! Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Just kidding.

It’s hot outside! It’s SUMMER!

Okay, but really...it’s summer. That means high temperatures, humidity, chlorine, salt water, the harsh sun...all things that can wreak havoc on our beautiful curls if we don’t care for them properly! Not to worry though; we’ve got you covered.

Below you’ll find 7 easy ways to help your curls flourish this summer!

TIP 1: Hydration is KEY.
Just like our bodies get dehydrated with the hot temperatures, so can our hair. Hydration can come from both the inside and outside. Drinking lots of water is great for your hair and body.

I’m going to preface my next point on this bullet with there ain’t nothing wrong with frizz. Frizz is beautiful and natural and gives voluptuous curls some volume! On the flip side, frizz can also be our hair's way of crying out that it is PARCHED.

Wetting your hair regularly will provide that much needed hydration. Adding moisturizing leave-in creams and conditioners will seal down your cuticle, keeping the water in your hair strands. We love to use the My Soigne hair cream to seal down our cuticles on wash day! It’s full of moisturizing ingredients, and includes shea butter, which is said to offer some protection from the sun!

On wash day, we also love to finish off with the My Soigne flaxseed gel. This gel is full of nutrients and moisturizing ingredients all while providing a nice medium hold for added protection in the hot summer days.

TIP 2: Protection from the sun.

Similar to our skin, our hair can get sunburned! The My Soigne hair cream contains shea butter, which is said to offer protection from the sun, but since there aren’t too many hair products that offer true SPF protection, we suggest wearing a hat.

We know, we know. But the curls! We don’t want to ruin our lovely looking curls with a HAT.

Our suggestion: find a satin scarf you can tie around your head and wear the hat on top of it! The satin scarf will protect your curls under the hat, so you can go on living your best curly hair life when you’re back inside!

TIP 3: Condition before the pool.

There are two types of water we’ll have to face in the wild during the summer: salt water and chlorine water.

While salt water is drying to our hair, salt is easy to remove from our hair with a good wash.

Chlorine on the other hand, is a little trickier. Chlorine can get absorbed by our hair in a much more intense way, making our hair feel and look gross. By far, the best way to avoid chlorine taking residence in our hair is to wear a swim cap, but like, let’s be real here. The next best thing to do is to apply and leave in conditioner to your hair before you get in the pool. The conditioner will moisturize your hair and seal down the cuticle, making it much more difficult for the chlorine to penetrate your hair strands or dry your hair out.

TIP 4: Avoid pulling your hair back when wet.

So now that you’ve gone for a dip in the pool, you come out and...it’s so hot! If your immediate reaction is to pull your hair back on top of your head, don’t do it!

Here’s why:

Water engorges our hair strands and raises the cuticle. When our hair strand is engorged and the cuticle is raised, our hair is weak. Pulling weak hair back into a ponytail encourages breakage and split ends.

Instead, try to let your hair dry as much as possible before pulling it back. If you really can’t resist, make sure to use a satin scrunchie for the least amount of pressure on your hair!

TIP 5: Careful with the clarifying.

Clarifying your hair is necessary, especially in the summer with chlorine and sweat. The thing is, too much clarifying can really dry your hair out, and we already know our hair is already prone to being extra dry and thirsty in the summer.In the summer heat, it’s likely you’ll want to shower more often, and wash your hair more often. Instead of grabbing a clarifying shampoo, try using a co-wash. This will gently cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping it of any moisture or natural oils.

We love using the My Soigne hair cleanser. It’s creamy and moisturizing but has ingredients like apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil that will gently get your scalp nice and clean. It also has exfoliating jojoba beads for a deeper clean than you’d usually find with a co-wash.

TIP 6: Peppermint drops to help fight the bugs off.

If you’re anything like me, you love to be outside but hate to be bothered by bugs flying around. And, if you’re really like me, you have a tiny fear of bugs getting stuck in your hair.

Peppermint drops are said to keep bugs away. Add a few drops to some water in a flarisol bottle and spread onto your hair! A little hydration and a bug repellant all in one.

TIP 7: Have water/cream spray mixture ready to go.

Our last tip is to simply have a refresh spray ready to go. Carry it around like you carry a water bottle! This is the perfect way to always have a hydrating refresh spray ready to go if your hair is looking a bit thirsty.If you like to DIY, you can mix a dime sized amount of the My Soigne hair cream and flaxseed gel to a flairsol bottle of water. Just make sure to dump and remake every couple of days!

So there you have it - 7 tips to help keep your curls looking fresh and frizz free this summer! We hope this tips help you live your best curl life in the hot, humid weather!

Have additional tips or suggestions? Let us know below in the comments! Any of these tips work exceptionally well? Let us know below!

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