Protein vs moisture

by Jaclyn Serchuk
Protein vs moisture

The Easy Way to Tell if your Hair Needs Protein or Moisture

Being a curly girl gets well, confusing, especially in the beginning. All of a sudden there’s all this new jargon you have to learn: porosity, co-wash, no-poo, prayer get the idea.

But there is one thing that is pretty easy to tackle for beginners, with lingo you can understand right away: protein versus moisture.

Now, when I refer to protein vs. moisture, I’m talking about the balance of each. Some curlies require lots of moisture, some need products with more proteins, and some need to make sure they’re using an equal amount of both.

Figuring this out takes some trial and error in the beginning. And remember, just because another girl or guy has the same curls as you visually, doesn’t mean your hair and their hair have the same needs. Following their advice can be a good starting point, but don’t get discouraged if their routine and products don’t work for you.

Here’s some quick information you can use to assess your hair needs, and how to move forward.

You Need Moisture if...

If your hair feels like tumbleweed.

No, I’m not exaggerating. Feel your hair. Does it feel dry? Brittle? Like it could snap in half? Sounds like you have protein overload.

Don’t freak out.

When I first started my curly journey I found myself in the same predicament. I used a product that was very protein heavy (without realizing).

The Solution: Deep condition. Find something with little to no protein and let it sit on your wet hair for 10-20 minutes. Then style as usual. You may need to do this a few times throughout the month to restore balance.

You Need Protein if...

If your hair feels limp like cooked spaghetti.

Do you touch a curl and it just kind of hangs there, lifeless? Do you pull on a curl and it doesn’t quite return back to its natural shape? You may have moisture overload.

This too is an easy fix.

For this, do a protein treatment! There are lots of DIY treatments out there, and there are lots of ready made products for purchase online and in stores.

Protein Ingredients You Should Know...

Whether you need to avoid protein or find more of it, it’s always helpful to know which ingredients to look for on a product label. Some common proteins are:

Hydrolyzed wheat protein
Hydrolyzed silk protein
Hydrolyzed Oat flower
Hydrolyzed collagen
Various forms of soy proteins

Do you find your hair needs more moisture or protein? Tell us in the comments!

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