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Protein Styling Duo

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The My Soigne styling duo is a combination of the My Soigne protein leave-in and flaxseed gel.

The protein styling duo is perfect for styling protein loving curls that need a little extra hold.

To use: First apply the protein leave-in as a rinse out and/or leave in styling product. Follow up by raking or scrunching the flaxseed gel into your hair.

Both the My Soigne protein leave-in and flaxseed gel are good for 1 year once opened, vegan, and safe for color treated hair.

Customer Reviews

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I had so much hope

I am so sorry I have to write this review as I really wanted to like these products and I had such hope when applying them. For reference I have fine silver hair, low density, medium porosity, 2b, 2c, 3a curls. When applying the leave-in on my freshly washed, wet hair it went on like butter. You hardly need to use any of it. I just poked my finger in the container and whatever was stuck to my finger is what I used. It emulsified beautifully in my hands and my hair easily responded to it. I STC and my hair clumped nicely. I plopped for 5 mins and then applied the gel. Again exactly what I love in a gel. The smell is divine. The consistency is just what I like. It glides on so easily and my curls formed perfectly, even right from the root. I diffused till about 80% dry then air dried the rest. I get a satisfactory cast from the gel and SCOTC is easy as it gives up the cast readily. My hair looks great. But then within the hour my hair falls, gets stringy and starts to feel producty and greasy. I have used it over and over hoping it will start working for me but my results are getting worse. I have clarified before using it as well and that didn't make a difference. I am so disappointed. :(

Protien Leave In and Flex Seed Gel

It’s a combo that I have been using since I received it. Really like hte way it feels on my hair and how the products work. To my surprise, I found that my hair was much more in control when I use the protien. It’s a keeper.


Protein Styling Duo

The best products ever!!

My hair is in love with the protein leave-in, it is becoming my holy grial! Also the flaxseed gel is an awesome product and together are just perfect! My hair is fine 2a-2b low density.

Not my Favorite Product

This product strikes a few cords with me. 1. It comes in a tub - not very clean and safe. 2. The smell is not my favorite. 3. The product doesn't work for my hair type apparently. I have natural salt and pepper coming in and is very wiry. I was told this product would help tame it and hydrate my frizziness. It didn't do either. The leave-in is less terrible than the gel. The gel was awful. It was too thick and held too much for my hair type. Overall, the duo was a fail.