Styling Duo - My Soigne
Styling Duo - My Soigne
Styling Duo - My Soigne
Styling Duo - My Soigne

Styling Duo

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The My Soigne styling duo is a combination of the My Soigne hair cream and flaxseed gel.

The styling duo is perfect for styling dry curls that need a little extra hold.

To use: First apply the hair cream as a rinse out and/or leave in styling product. Follow up by raking or scrunching the flaxseed gel into your hair.

Both the My Soigne hair cream and flaxseed gel are good for 1 year once opened, protein free, vegan, gluten free, and safe for color treated hair.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kristina Swiney
Hair Gel & Cream Duo

I got this expecting it to be just like any other expensive brand of curl treatment and not work. I was wrong. Yes, it’s on the pricy side but you seriously get what you pay for. I haven’t had anything that made my curls soft. The gel doesn’t dry and leave your hair sticky. I do still have a lot of frizz, but I’m trying to use more oils to control that. I love this product and what it’s doing with my ethnic hair.

My favorite!

This product line is the “secret sauce” for gorgeous curls! I’ve had compliments from strangers from day 1!

christine Hummel
I wanted to love the products....

I wanted to try these products because they are all natural and made in small batches. The quality of the ingredients is amazing. And the scent is also fantastic (and side note for those that don't like scents that linger -these don't!). But overall the products were not great for me. Actually that isn't true, the hair cream is truly amazing stuff. I got fantastic curls with just the cream. But the cream, of course, has no hold on its own. The gel is supposed to give you the hold and that is where things fell apart for me. The gel gave me maybe 2 good hours of hold; thats it. Just 2 hours. No matter what I did or how I applied the product after 2 hours my curls fell completely flat and I looked awful the rest of the day. And the products didn't give me any frizz control. I am certain that the products work great for some people; just not for me.

Holy Grails

The hair cream and flaxseed gel have become essentials in my weekly routine. The cream is a remarkable combination of lightweight yet moisturizing. It makes a perfect product for refreshing. The gel is a true multitasker. I love it as a main gel, smasters, or a refreshing gel. It works well in any weather, which really simplifies things. The smell of each product is light and very pleasant. The styling duo is a magical match!


Your products have completely transformed my hair into the healthy, bouncy, full curl, that I have been working so hard to enhance and manage for years. Thank you!!! My one negative... it is so hard to handle the tubs in the shower. Wish the product was in bottles. Not enough to discourage me from buying it though! Hands down my forever products.