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The Complete Set

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With the Complete Set you’ll get everything we’ve got to style your hair! This includes a jar of the hair cleanser, hair cream, protein leave-in, flax seed gel, cleanser brush, microfiber towel, and diffuser.

The products in the complete set are good for 1 year once opened. No refrigeration necessary.

All My Soigne hair products are vegan, gluten free, and safe for color treated hair.

Customer Reviews

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The Complete Set

Love My Soigne Complete Set of Products

I am having great results with all the My Soigne products- love using the scalp massager with the hair cleanser! The hair cream doubles as a leave in/rinse out; the protein leave in makes such a great slip; flaxseed gel is very light but gives incredible bounce! I love that the products are water soluble as I dilute them with a bit of water. I also get great results on a refresh using protein leave in & flaxseed gel! Great soft smells & super clean ingredients.

Happy With The Product!

The products are great! I especially love the Hair Cream. The only thing I am not a fan of are the containers. I’ve lost too much product in the shower trying to scoop it out and trying to close the top. It’s always a juggling act. I’m trying to find other squeeze type bottles now to transfer the product in to.

Absolutely Perfect!

Clear out at least several hours when you wash your hair with this complete set - you'll need it for every time you say "is this.. is this real? is this my hair? oh my gosh :O" In all seriousness - this set is amazing. I cannot believe the quality of the products or my curls! I am in love!


I’ve always struggled with my hair until I realized at age 45 what curly hair is all about and I never looked back. I’ve tried many product lines but this one is my favorite! I have always had scalp issues - dermatitis and psoriasis. If you have scalp issues you know your dermatologist says to wash your hair every day. This isn’t good or practical with curly hair! Well I found the solution. This product line! I don’t know how or why but when using these products I can go a week without washing my hair and have no scalp issues at all! I use the cleanser for two wash days and then the next I use a Nizoral or other shampoo for dermatitis for my scalp. I got a fine mist water sprayer from another line and use it when scrunching in the flax seed gel. The scalp brush is the best of any and I’ve had a ton of them. The diffuser is AMAZING. Lots of care went into this product line and I’ll be a fan forever! It may seem pricey but if you wash your hair once or twice a week, it’s not that expensive. And I can go longer between washes using this line so it all evens out. AND it makes my hair beautiful!!