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With the Complete Set you’ll get everything we’ve got to style your hair! This includes a jar of the hair cleanser, hair cream, protein leave-in, flax seed gel, cleanser brush, microfiber towel, and diffuser.

The products in the complete set are good for 1 year once opened. No refrigeration necessary.

All My Soigne hair products are vegan, gluten free, and safe for color treated hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Stamatia Karageorgakis
I absolutely LOVE My Soigné

My hair has been a little wonky since having a second child and I was a little discouraged after having tried several products. I saw your products on Instagram and decided to try the set of 4. I am thrilled with the results!! Thank you!

Tracy Finerson
Worth the Wait!

One of my favorite things about my curly hair journey, is all of the small businesses I can support. From headbands to hair products- I am able to purchase directly from the creators themselves. I eye’d My Soigne back in March, and I knew I had to have it. I watched all the YouTube’s, and the journey of this product line, as well as so many testimonials. So I patiently waited for the restock in May… and let me tell you, it was worth it. These products work amazing when I am doing a one brand washday but also I can mix and match with some of my holy grails. (By the way, this line is now part of that holy grail) . The cleanser is gentle but refreshing, the leave in strengthens my hair, the creme is moisturizing and the gel locks everything in! Nothing is too heavy, and it has held up in the recent humidity amazingly. I love this line, I cannot wait to continue to support My Soigne as she grows and evolves through the years.

Milica Tanaskovic

The Complete Set

Celeste Timberlake
Love My Soigne Complete Set of Products

I am having great results with all the My Soigne products- love using the scalp massager with the hair cleanser! The hair cream doubles as a leave in/rinse out; the protein leave in makes such a great slip; flaxseed gel is very light but gives incredible bounce! I love that the products are water soluble as I dilute them with a bit of water. I also get great results on a refresh using protein leave in & flaxseed gel! Great soft smells & super clean ingredients.

Sharon Royster
Happy With The Product!

The products are great! I especially love the Hair Cream. The only thing I am not a fan of are the containers. I’ve lost too much product in the shower trying to scoop it out and trying to close the top. It’s always a juggling act. I’m trying to find other squeeze type bottles now to transfer the product in to.