The Story of the Founder

the early years

Growing up, I hated my curly hair. I saw friends and various family members with silky, shiny, straight hair and wished to look like them. It didn’t help that on hot, humid days I could find my dry, frizzy locks standing straight up. We just didn’t know how to deal with hair like mine. For hours my mom would use a hair pick to “get all the knots out” and then throw my hair in braids. It was fast, and the only way to tame the mane until I was 10.

the awkward stage

At 10 years of age I started having my hair relaxed. It was wondrous. Finally, I had the hair I had been longing after. I mean, I couldn’t get my hair wet or sweat too much, otherwise it would curl up, and new growth made for an interesting look, but it was better than before.

Around age 19 I tried japanese straightening. I traveled all the way to Queens to sit in a chair for 5 hours just so my hair would remain straight out of the shower. And you know what happened? When I went back for a touch up they said my hair was too broken and damaged. My only option was a Keratin treatment.

the present

Around age 21 I decided enough was enough. What was I doing anyway? I believed in the idea of self-love, but here I was not loving my natural self. That was when I decided to transition. I still used a flat-iron occasionally, but said good-bye to chemicals.

Once my new hair grew in, I felt amazing. I could walk in the rain, could go to the gym and sweat, could just be who I was naturally. I knew I wasn’t supposed to use sulfates, and cut out shampoo altogether. What I didn’t realize, was that there is a whole method for ladies and gents with hair like mine. In 2015 I put the flat-iron down, and in 2017 started following the curly girl method. And you know what? I haven’t looked back since.

The Story of My Soigne

I had always been a DIYer, so when I started researching the curly girl method and all the at home things you could make, I went crazy. I decided I wanted to start selling my homemade concoctions in the fall of 2017, but needed a name. I wanted something that was classy and meaningful. I used the thesaurus for synonyms of words I liked, and sifted through other languages for words that don’t translate to English. That’s when I found Soigne. Soigne itself is a french verb, meaning to possess an aura of elegance and sophistication. This was it. Not the easiest to say, I’ll admit, but the meaning was everything.

After growing up feeling less-than because my hair was too wild, too crazy, too unmanageable, too unprofessional, too unruly, finally I could convey the message that Curly Hair is Elegant Too! Elegance is not only for straight hair or curling iron curls! It’s for us with natural hair textures, from wavy to kinky, and with all different curl types and patterns. In March 2018 the brand launched with the hair cleanser, hair cream, and microfiber towel. In June 2018 the flax seed gel was added to the line up.